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The Docket

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April 2022

Docs and Packs that are even better than the apps they replace.
Time is money, and this month's Docket is about saving both. Our maker community has turned expensive, niche software into lightweight, customizable docs and Packs—all for free. Maybe these docs will inspire you to ditch a subscription. Or even recreate a different app in Coda with the help of a Rituals Architect.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs and Packs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
and more docs and Packs in our Gallery.
22002-The Docket_Justine Camacho.png


by , Marketing & community at We Work Remotely

From Rachel, Recruiting: Too often, finding a job is a full-time jobbut what if didn’t have to be so hard? Enter Justine's template for remote job seekers that tracks applications and gives practical tips for the interview process. As a former university program coordinator at one of Canada’s top engineering schools, I helped build a program that systematized the recruitment process for the school, because we realized that even some of the most talented engineering students struggled to reverse engineer the job search process. But truth be told, our program takes months to accomplish what this doc does in one click. Boy, would our lives have been easier had we known about Coda, and templates like this. If you’re looking for your dream job, use this dream tool to apply smarter, not harder.

22002-The Docket_Scott Weir.png


by , Freelancer at Simpladocs

From Eric, Developer Relations: Fitness apps help us work out efficiently, but extracting data is time-consuming and often hidden behind pay-walls. Powered by his , Scott created this doc so that anyone can set goals, track accomplishments, and build a dashboard to visualize their progress—for free, and in a single place. All you need to do is install the Pack, connect your Strava account, and then go smash some PRs.

22002-The Docket_Denis Lin.png


by , Entrepreneur at Possible Future

From Janvi, Engineering: Like many college grads entering the workforce, it’s a shock to deal with the complexity of taxes, 401(k) plans, and HSAs. With tax time right around the corner, I wondered how much I should be saving for the future. Recently, I found myself clicking buttons, inputting numbers, and playing with sliders on Denis’s Retirement Planner and I unintentionally finalized my financial goals for the next year. As an immigrant, I need to factor in additional costs and with a few small tweaks, the financial model was personalized perfectly for me without having to code a thing.

22002-The Docket_Solutions Studio.png



From John, Solutions: Ever found yourself as the glue between teams? Juggling the river of asks and responses on Slack / email, the spreadsheets that each team believes is the source of truth, the meetings discussing priorities. We’ve seen makers takes these disjointed steps and data and use Coda to automate their cross-functional request process. This request stream doc comes from a set of evolving best practices in the space and includes the key building blocks that make this operating system run smoothly: forms to collect requests, unique views for any team, buttons to progress statuses, spaces to collaborate and gain clarity, Slack automations to notify people along the way, and charts to visualize every request that’s now all in one place.
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Trends in what’s trending.

We’d bet our bottom dollar on this month’s top docs and Packs from the Gallery.


: A handbook for getting the most out of Coda with the or the .
: How we created (almost) 100 Packs in one day.
: A database of articles, videos, events, and other resources related to human-centered design teams.
: An organizer and supply tracker for your go-bag.
: A simple-yet-perennial favorite.


: Pull the latest cryptocurrency prices.
: Manage your memberships, products, subscribers, and sales.
: Load wallets and transactions from Coinbase.
: A shared expense tracker, so that everyone gets paid back.
: Get the exchange rate from 170+ currencies.


Want our two cents? Add this bank of templates to your cache.
: Your spending, in a chart.
: A simple system to keep your store stocked.
: Your central relationship hub.
: Goal-setting made easy—well, easier.
: Grab your boxes and tidy-up tunes.

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...this from Kenny if you want a fun way to learn something new, have always wanted to be a game developer, or love answering a question with a question.
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