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April 2020

An inside look from the VP of Product at Figma. Plus new features like publish to team, anonymous logged-in editing, and more.
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Yuhki is one of our first and favorite makers. He works on one of our first and favorite tools, Figma. And he believes in the power of a single source of truth. A few years ago, tasked with leading one of the most ambitious projects in Uber history, he consolidated and normalized data from a dozen different teams' spreadsheets into one Coda doc: the . Now, as VP of Product at Figma, he did the same thing. He created a Coda doc to keep the design, engineering, and product teams' eyes on the road(map).
Different team, different industriesーbut in both cases, it's the same principle. The secret to shipping product is a fastidiously-designed doc. A single source of truth.
You probably work this way, too. Over the course of your career, you've developed underlying principles that follow and guide you at every job. What are they? If you haven't found them yet, start by looking at your docs.

What's new in Coda

We shipped a couple things that have been on our list for years. Like access for non-Google users and opening a doc in multiple tabs. We also added some exciting Publishing features. You know where to find the full list:
Non-Google sign-in. This one's a long time coming. Now you don't need a Google email address to use Codaーthat means you can collaborate with anyone.
Screenshot - 4.jpg
Multi-tab. Some people want to open a doc in multiple tabsーlike if they're cross-referencing sections or synthesizing data across views. Some people rely on consolidating tabs to stay sane. We have

Screenshot - 1.jpg

More Publishing options

Publish to your team. Last month, we showed how your doc can transform into a website on the world-wide web. But we know some docs are for limited viewing; you can now publish those team wikis or exec dashboards just to your domain.
Anonymous logged-in editing. Contribute to public docs without sharing your identity.
Deep link to section. When you share a link to a specific section of your published doc elsewhere in your doc, it will unfurl independently.

All the small things 🎶

Section undo/redo. We used to surface a pop-up to see if you really wanted to delete a section. Now we're just making it easy to undo it.
Logarithmic scale for charts. We added a new chart display options to set your vertical scale as logarithmic instead of linear. Good for percentage changes, multiplicative factors, and data that skews to large values.

Procrastination Corner

Docs, spreadsheets, stick 'em in a stew. to Yuhki's Uber days.
Have you seen in Figma? Brownie points if you can find Shishir.

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