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April 2021

New in April: Custom templates, bookmarking the web, an expandable formula builder, and more.
We love templates. They save time and drive consistency. And they’re snapshots of how real teams (including our own) plan, meet, and share information. We’ll always add helpful templates to the Explore Panel. But the truth is, the best tools are the ones you make yourself.
Introducing custom templates. Now makers can turn their teams’ unique processes into templates, and share them with everyone in their workspace (or set them to private, if they prefer). It’s the perfect time to define—and refine—your rituals.


Save websites to Coda.
You can now to a table in Coda. It’s not a full web clipper (yet), but we hope this improvement helps you consume information at your own pace and 👏close 👏 those 👏 browser 👏 tabs, knowing that your reading list is safe in a doc.
More room to flex your powers.
Formulas are Coda’s magic. But until recently, formulas had, to quote a , “phenomenal cosmic powers...itty bitty living space.” You now have the option to expand the formula builder to a larger composer, see a preview of objects referenced in your formulas, and
. Happy calculating.

Next-level conditional formatting
Your grade-school highlighters on steroids. auto-shade cells along a color gradient based on their value, so you can show trends, surface anomalies, and generally help your team understand the data faster. Before, you had to tediously write conditional formatting rules. Now, all you have to do is point and click.
All the small things
💬 : You can now add attachments and images to your comments and send your emoji-softened feedback even faster with a host of performance updates and more.
: Docs in our Doc Gallery are loading and performing over 50% better than they were six months ago!
🎛 : A default value for controls? Yes, please. Enjoy your time saved with this button and automation action.
Watch and learn
Working on your summer doc? Get toned with an upcoming webinar:
on April 27th at 10am PT
on May 4th at 10am PT
on May 11th at 10am PT
on May 18th at 10am PT

Or browse our .
Procrastination corner
What do Ben Franklin, aliens, and a DIY t-shirt have in common?

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