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Focus areas

Type of problems we solve for and how we divide & conquer.
Designers at Coda work on problems for our users and the business across the entire product. At a high level, we have teams focusing on the following parts of the funnel: 1. Leads → 2. Retention → and 3. Conversion.
Leads: Getting new users into Coda
Responsible for creating a thriving ecosystem where our Partner’s success is our success. Ecosystem focuses on partners to kickstart Packs and Publishing Docs.

Retention: Getting users to embrace Coda
Core Product focuses on the vision of becoming an All-In-One leader. Once a user signs up, they are responsible for helping convert that user to an engaged user who uses the product on a regular basis. Most of the in-doc features fall in this category including the writing surface, table and data visualizations, formula language, and automations. It also includes understanding each phase of the journey and iterating on them using data analysis. This team drives the design for these features.

Conversion: Winning users over and spread in Coda
Superserve is responsible for winning over our users and scaling the business. This translates to a few areas the team focuses on every day: Designing a great product experience for teams (like how teams can best organize knowledge, share rituals, collaborate, and use Coda in their workflows), defining the business model and experiments to push monetization funnels, and building user trust. This team is unique in that you get to work very closely with the business metrics and see how your designs impact them.

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