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Interviewing at Coda

Coda’s interview process.

Recruiter call
A zoom call with a recruiter for the role, and to learn more about Coda!
HM call
A zoom call with the Hiring Manager to do a deeper dive into the role and experience.
(non-eng roles)
Tech screen
There is a 1-hour tech screen for our engineering roles.
Coda exercise
A role related exercise using Coda, and an opportunity to showcase your makerness and learning.
(non-eng roles)
Virtual onsite
A final virtual onsite to meet with the team!
Non-eng roles will include a presentation, and an opportunity for the team to learn more about you.
References & Offer
If we’re looking like a good fit, we move forward to References & Offer!

Values we look for.

Three ideas that ground us.

Right over familiar.

The world tends toward the familiar. People reach for products they already know, and as a result, we end up in ruts for far too long. It’s a tremendous effort to push a product upstream, but we believe it’s how everything worthwhile starts. Coda started by tearing down the “familiar” in pursuit of the “right.” And we try to stay bold and thoughtfulーin our product choices and our marketingーconsidering options B and C even though it’s faster and easier to choose A. *There is an important caveat: Sometimes the familiar is also right, like beginning with a blinking cursor and a blank page.

The spirit of making.

We believe that people are more capable of—and interested in—building their own tools than they realize. At Coda, our mission is to help people embrace making, and find gratification and empowerment in the process.

We build building blocks.

Building blocks make the simple things easy and the complex possible. They provide autonomy for the makers to adapt and grow as needs change. And they inspire play, a necessary input for making. We minimize nouns in favor of a core set of building blocks, and have faith that makers will put them together in ingenious ways we never could have imagined.

Interview guides.

We provide interview guides that will outline what to expect during your final virtual onsite with the team!
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Candidate Champions.

Our Candidate Champions program gives candidates the opportunity to connect with Codans to answer any questions that they might have, and to learn more about Coda!
This optional conversation happens during the interview process, where candidates are paired with Codans to talk about topics of interests such as: working remotely, diversity, culture, hobbies, and more.
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