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Customer Value Proposition

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Problem Definition: 4Us (from the customer viewpoint)

How is your problem unworkable?

How is your problem unavoidable?

How is your problem urgent?

How is your problem underserved?

Problem Qualification: BLAC & White

What type of needs are you addressing?

Blatant, latent, aspirational, or critical.

What whitespace have you identified?

Consistent with an Underserved or unmet need

Market Definition: DEBT

What Dependencies are involved?

What External factors are involved?

Would you face any Backlash?

What is the Timing?

Value Prop Evaluation: 3Ds

Is it different enough?

Does is offer transformational benefits by looking at the problem differently?
Are the alternatives good enough? If not, why?

Is it defensible?

Can it be protected with a barrier to entry or “moat”?

Is it disruptive?

Does the business model yield cost and value rewards that help catalyze the growth of the business?

Value Prop Evaluation: Gain/Pain Ratio

What gains do you deliver to your customer?

What pains do your customers experience during adoption?

Is the gain of your solution 10x greater than the pain of adopting it?

If not, what inertia / risks will they experience that you’ll have to overcome?

Pull it All Together: Compelling Value Proposition

For (target customers - your Minimum Viable Segment)
with (Blatant/Latent Aspiration/Critical problem or need)
that is (4U - Unworkable, Unavoidable, Urgent, Underserved)
Who are dissatisfied with (the current Unworkable and Underserved alternative)
Our product is a (3D - Different, Defensible, Disruptive - new product, your MVP)
That provides (compelling problem-solving capability - Gain)
that overcomes (switching costs Gain/Pain Ratio > 10x)
Unlike (the Unworkable product alternative that Underserves the need or opportunity)

Fill out below:

Who are dissatisfied with
Our product is a
That provides

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