Startup Secrets Sandbox
Startup Secrets Sandbox
EVALUATE the Solution

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Disruptive (Game changing)
How can your business model be disruptive to incumbents in a way that they cannot afford to follow.
Example Google’s cloud based technology, data driven and advertising supported business model disrupted Microsoft’s offline technology and license based model for a decade

Defensible (& sustainable to create a ‘moat’.)
What is truly defensible about your approach?
If you are any of “better, faster, cheaper”, assume bigger players will be able to outspend you to to beat you at your own game.
That might not be the case if you’ve changed the game with a Disruptive business model as suggested above.
How can it increase over time and as you scale?
B2C: Building network effects of a community that creates a moat around your product or services
B2B: Capturing proprietary data that helps you build and validate your AI model
Switching costs: Will the cost to your customers of switching from your product over time?
Conversely is the 3D nature of your product clearly an order of magnitude better as measured via the ratio, that it compels customers of other solutions to make the switch from their existing product or the next best alternatives?

Discontinuous (not just an incremental or linear improvement)
What can you do with your new disruptive technology that simply would not have been possible before?
Is it superior enough in meaningful ways?
How will you validate that?
Test how meaningfully superior as measured by )

Startup Secret: If only you can deliver this compelling value proposition using your new technology, business model or approach, you have a true breakthrough.


Reflect on your venture: What’s one thing that you recognize as 3D, Disruptive, Defensible, or Discontinuous

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