Startup Secrets Sandbox
Startup Secrets Sandbox

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BUILD the Value Proposition

For (target customers - your Minimum Viable Segment)
with (Blatent/Latent Aspiration/Critical problem or need)
that is (4U - Unworkable, Unavoidable, Urgent, Underserved)
Who are dissatisfied with (the current Unworkable and Underserved alternative)
Our product is a (3D - Different, Defensible, Disruptive - new product, your MVP)
That provides (compelling problem-solving capability - Gain)
that overcomes (switching costs Gain/Pain Ratio > 10x)
Unlike (the Unworkable product alternative that Underserves the need or opportunity)

And above all make sure this value proposition is authentic to YOU, using this last framework

Now it’s your turn!

First of all here is an AI powered way to help you build your value proposition and get feedback:

And for the more traditional approach, here are the worksheets and canvases for you to print and fill out.

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