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Vet / Emergency

Try to reach us first so we can help you determine if it's an emergency!
Whatsapp, text, or calling our numbers will be the fastest way:
Keerthik: 510 309 7011
Nivetha: 201 496 2107
You only need to take Tobi to the vet if something is seriously wrong. He’s still young and relatively healthy.
Sometimes he throws up a little when he’s gobbled his food too fast. This is not usually a cause for concern. However, if he’s been vomiting frequently, or acting seriously unnaturally for over an hour (after he’s day 2-3 around you), a visit may be a good idea. You can always call us to check.
His carrier backpack is on the top shelf of the bedroom closet to the right - it’s gray and black with a transparent panel and folded up.
You need to unfold the backpack and then zip up all the zippers so it makes a box.
You can leave the top mesh part unzipped as that is where you need to lower him into the carrier.
He does not like being put in it, so you have to corner him, grab him firmly, deposit him into the carrier, and zip it up immediately. He may struggle, but he will not bite/scratch you if you aren’t hurting him or holding him down for too long. This is best accomplished with two people, one grabbing him and the other holding the bag and zipping quickly + carefully to prevent escape.
Then one person should lift it level with the ground (or place it on the windowsill in the entryway) so he’s not falling to either side, before you put your arms through the backpack straps. Please also be careful of not banging him into doorways or walls as you leave the apartment and into other people on the NYC streets.

Daytime hours

His normal vet is the Bond Vet at the Kips Bay location 3 blocks away (see map below). They take walk-ins so there’s usually no need for an appointment.
However, they are only open until 8 pm every day and closed all day Sunday. If an emergency occurs outside of Bond Vet’s hours, please see the nighttime section below.

Nighttime hours

Thankfully, we have never needed to go here but if something urgent should happen at night or on a Sunday, there is a 24/7 animal hospital on 24th St and 6th Ave.
Please rush him here in case you see accidental ingestion of non-food items, any severe bleeding, or other signs of obvious distress.
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