Naga-kuttan abode
Our little home is yours to use while we are away. Hopefully we cover everything you will need to get comfortable here.


We should have provided the lockbox code to you directly, text/call us if you forget.
Tap the blue keyfob against the little window on the intercom with the red 🟥 LEDs at the entrance, and again at the antechamber of the building to open each door. The LEDs should turn 🟩 green. The hard key opens the 1F apartment door. The key itself may need slight jiggling/pulling slightly outwards to get it to turn. The outer doorknob is busted, so turn the key again after unlocking to open the door.


You can use the lockbox every time you leave if there’s two of you who may leave/arrive to the house separately, just remember to set the code to lock, and bring the entire lockbox back into the house overnight.
If you leave overnight, please return the key to the lockbox so our cat-sitter/friends can access the apartment to look after Tobi!


We use Google Home without the physical listening-device to control the lights (and the bedroom blinds).
You can manually turn lights on or off by pressing the “power” switch directly on the smart plugs where these lights are plugged into the wall sockets
Alternatively, you can keep the Samsung tablet charged in the living room and use it to control everything from the “Smart Life” app.
Alternatively, Keerthik will invite you to the Google Home and you can use your phone to control everything.

No shoes indoors please, we have two pairs of indoor slippers you can use!
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