Naga-kuttan abode


Feeding type/quantity/timing
He normally eats 10oz-12oz of wet food — typically 1 can of "Mid East Feast" per day.
We have several food varieties at home. 3 flavors of wet food, and 1 type of dry food. His diet is supposed to be pure wet food. His current favorite flavor is Mid East Feast, but that can change overnight.
There are a stack of boxes of Mid East Feast in the cardboard box next to Keerthik’s desk. You can ignore the rest.
We usually feed him 3oz x4 or 5-6oz x2 a day. If you aren’t hanging out/coming by twice for the day, it’s okay to just dump a whole 10oz can in a fresh bowl before you leave.
Place the silicone lid on the can with any leftovers, in the fridge in between feedings. With indoor temperatures he really dislikes how the food turns after a few hours left in the open. If you'll only be popping in and out once and he hasn’t eaten much, just give him a fresh bowl with about 5-6oz.
He can get picky from week to week, so you may need to rely on this: if he hasn’t eaten much of the food put out for him in 24 hours, you may need to kickstart his appetite. Dry food is in a bag under the counter next to the recycle box. Just give him 10-20 pieces of that in a corner of the bowl, he should eat it right away. When he's done, give him a normal portion of wet food.
Water: He drinks very little water, but it should be changed every day. Just empty the water bowl between the each day, and refill from the tap.
Feeding hygiene
Tobi has a total of 3 bowls to eat from. He eats less when eating out of a bowl with dried food residue or too much of his own fur in it, so change bowls once a day. Scrape dried food into garbage and soak the dish in the sink or wash it in the dishwasher.
Toss the can/tops into the cardboard box for glass/metal/plastic recycling in the “Tobi cabinet” (see ).
He’s a messy eater. We recommend brushing up the dried food off the floor near his food bowl ~every other day using the mini-duster in the “Tobi cabinet” (see )
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