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We have replaced his water and this time of year it usually lasts over 2 weeks, so you shouldn’t need to do anything.
If the cat fountain blinks red, the water level is low. If it’s a steady red, it’s empty. Please refill it when low by either unplugging it and filling it in the sink, or filling a large container from the kitchen and pouring it into the top of the fountain.

Spring 2024 feeding routine

To keep his feeding simple while we’re gone, we recommend 1x 5 Oz Royal Canin Adult Instinctive wet food + 1 (generous) scoop of his dry food (in cabinet) per day.
If he’s clamoring for more food while you’ll still there, give him up to 1x 5 Oz additional can of Royal Canin wet food every other day, no additional dry food.
Make sure his water fountain is blue.

Default 2024 feeding routine

He normally eats about 10oz of wet food/24h. This is about 2 cans of Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Pate.
Serve him 1 can for every 12 hours. It’s best to space the servings out as far apart as possible, so he has time to finish one can before the second can starts to dry out.
If you won’t be in the house for long enough to see him finish his first can, you can put both cans out on different dishes.
Optional dry snack: If he hasn’t made progress with the first can after a couple hours of being set out, you can put out a small handful of dry food from the clear container on the counter, and say “snack-y snack” to get his appetite going. If he’s eating at a good enough pace to put out the second can before you leave, skip the dry food.


Tobi’s treats are in the drawer above his food cabinet. Please give him no more than 2-3 a day, and ideally not when he’s meowing for food/attention - we don’t want to reward noise-making behavior.

Feeding hygiene

Tobi has a total of 4 bowls to eat from. He eats less when eating out of a bowl with dried food residue or too much of his own fur in it, so change bowls once a day. Scrape any dried food into the garbage, as excess food bits in the sink/dishwasher drainage may spawn unwanted visitors. Wash it in the dishwasher if you’ll run it before running out of dishes, otherwise just rinse it off in the sink.
Toss the can/tops into the cardboard box for glass/metal/plastic recycling in the “Tobi cabinet” (see ).
He’s messy with wet food. We recommend brushing up the dried wet food off the floor near his food bowl ~every other day using the mini-broom in the “Tobi cabinet” (see )


Tobi understands a few words related to food, and we would appreciate it if you don’t use these words unnecessarily around him:
Treat-treat: pretty powerful response, and he will expect a treat (see above). If you accompany this with opening his treat drawer, he will likely come running to you.
Food-food: he listens to this, but may not come to you unless he’s starving (he’s usually not). Use this to let him know you have refilled his food.
Snack (or snack-snack): this is the ultimate word, and he will go nuts. Please don’t say this around him or he’ll meow your ear off (in what you may seem like affection, but is really just desperation). Use this only when you are giving him a meal of dry food, and he’s not aware of it yet (he gets aware very quickly.
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