Naga-kuttan abode


He will be shy at first, but if you see him strutting about with his tail up, he probably will be down for some laser-hunting. Try to get 2-3 minutes in, and sometimes he’ll take a break and resume after a bit. All toys are in a cardboard tray on the ottoman.
Ol’ reliable laser: If he is hunting it, he will pounce/chase after the laser sits on a single spot for ~20 seconds, a bit far from him, near a corner it can "escape" around. If he flops down and just watches it, he may be taking a break.
He enjoys the wire-toy for a couple minutes too.
If you get him by the ottoman, you can slide the white stick along the side of the ottoman like a snake and he likes to go attack it when it enters his field of view.
Another current fad is the hair tie, also on the counter. Just toss it on the ground or flick it with your fingers near him and he may treat it like a bug.
Note: He does like to run out sometimes when the front door is open, so avoid leaving the door open more than necessary. He will come back eventually, but just make sure you keep an eye on him whenever you use the door.
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