Naga-kuttan abode

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Daily management

Scoop any poop into the coffee tin first. Hold your nose when you open the coffee tin and make sure to shut it tight when you're done!
Use the scooper to break up any pee clumps left in the litter that he didn't break himself, it should mix back in pretty easily while the litter is fresh. Scrape along the bottom really well as it often gets stuck there.
You may want to run the vacuum around his litter area so you don't get stabbed in the foot by tracked litter while you're around. You are also welcome to just use our indoor slippers around the house regardless of vacuuming.

Long-term litter management: replacing litter

The litter loses its ability to absorb his pee after about 7-8 days, and needs to be replaced.
Normally we avoid making catsitters do this, and use the local petsitting service to handle this (see ). But in case you have to, these are the instructions we left with them.
You can disassemble the litter box in the hallway by lifting the clasps on the side and lifting off the top.
Take the scoop and bottom tray with the litter outside to the front of the building (don't forget to take the key too, otherwise you'll be locked out) along with the empty litter package we left there. Dispose of the litter along with the empty packaging into the dumpsters at the front of the building.
Scrape off any wet clumps stuck to the bottom of the tray with the scoop. Then take the tray and scoop back inside and use some water and Mr. Clean solution on them in the shower to rinse both of them (should be on the bathroom shelf or in the farthest kitchen cabinet on the right) and wipe them off with paper towels when done (which can be found next to the litter box in the hallway).
Make sure the tray is fully dry and then return it to its spot in the hallway. Fill the tray with 2/3rds of a bag of litter and reseal the bag. If needed, new bags of litter will be
next to the litter
in cardboard box near kitchen
inside the gray ottoman in living room.
2 bags of litter should be enough for 3 refills.
Spread the litter evenly using the scoop, before putting the lid back on the litter box.
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