Naga-kuttan abode

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Home office

You can use any of the office desks in our “living room”!
📶 Wifi network/password info is on the sticky note. No caps/spaces/numbers.
🖥️ We have left a spare HDMI cable on Niv’s desk, which you can use with any monitor in the office.
All 3 desks are sit-stand, and the 2 drafting chairs can be adjusted accordingly.
Niv’s desk (nearest the window)
You can connect to the monitor via the CableMatters USB-C cable. If you don’t see anything, feel on the back of the monitor at the lower right corner for a button. Push the button in and then toggle it to the left when the menu comes up. Push again to switch the input.
When you’re raising the desk, be careful of Keerthik’s monitor as the edge of the desk can hit it as it goes up.
You can also use the walking treadmill if you would like - after you unfold the treadmill (careful, it’s heavy), the switch is on the side of the treadmill nearest the wall, right next to the plug. Once it turns on, use the small oval remote on the right side of Niv’s desk to start the walking function with the round middle button and increase/decrease speed with the other buttons. Press the round button in the middle again to stop.
Keerthik’s work desk (middle)
You can simply connect via the USB-C cable to use this monitor and use the keyboard. The Keychron also supports bluetooth so you can use it wherever once you have paired it (use connection #2).
Please do not raise the height of this desk above 102” on the table’s display, any higher would strain the cables to the power strip connected to the wall.
Keerthik’s main station (3 monitor)
The right-most monitor has a USB-C cable you can use like the work monitor. As always, the HDMI cable is an option too.
There is a Yamaha soundbar installed under the desk, with its remote on the desk. You can bluetooth pair to this if you want to party it up.
Please do not raise the height of this desk above 102” on the display, any higher would strain the cables to peripherals connected to the desktop PC below.
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