Naga-kuttan abode


Fridge/food supplies
Anything edible in the fridge, freezer or cabinets is fair game for you to use. Just make sure to
a) check things haven’t gone bad before you consume it! b) return things from whence they came once you are done with it
Don’t miss the large supply of soylent (banana and cafe mocha) in the bottom drawer!
Refills for any spices on the spice rack can be found in the box at the top cabinet above the rice cooker.
Our sink is kinda dinky and small, so we use the dishwasher a lot. Almost dish/utensil in the kitchen except for really small utensils (eg: teaspoons), the (really heavy) cast iron skillets, and the cutting board are dishwasher-friendly.
Dishwasher pods are in the cabinet with the /garbage bin. Load one and make sure to turn the dishwasher to “hot start” to ensure clean dishes.
bowls can go in here too once you have scraped most of the leftover food into the trash.
If you wish to use it, make sure to empty it of the pots and pans we store there before preheating.
It’s a very un-fancy oven with no timers or precook modes, but it works well. Make sure to turn it off when you’re done!
Other appliances
Milk frother/steamer
It’s great for a variety of single-serving beverages, from hot chocolate/mocha/lattes to even cold coffee. At the simplest level it’s a kettle + stirrer, just place the black magnetic ring around the center shaft before pouring your ingredients in (eg: milk + hot chocolate powder), make sure the plug is on, and press go. After pouring your drink out, make sure to hand-rinse the magnetic ring and replace it where you found it. The main metal pot can be placed in the dishwasher. Make sure to hand-wash the magnetic ring and return it to the can beside the frother base unit.
Rice cooker
The Zojirushi is quite magical, has a timer function and different modes. Measure a flat cup, wash rice in the pot, fill water to mark, choose quick cook for rice in 20 minutes, other modes if you feel like it, go. Just be sure to use the paired rice scoop and no metal/wooden implements which might scratch the non-stick, and wash it with the gentle yellow sponge only.
Instant Pot
If you like your Instant Pot recipes, feel free to go wild! You probably shouldn’t be using this if you are not following instant pot recipes or have experience with it.
Kitchen-Aid blender
Again, if you are familiar with it, feel free, but be careful those blades are sharp!
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