Naga-kuttan abode

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Our garbage bin is in the last cabinet against the slanted wall in the kitchen (”the trash cabinet”). Most cleaning supplies are here too — trash bags, sponges, dishwasher pods (green box), stain-remover.
Our recycling is split in two
The “Tobi cabinet”: Cans/bottles in the cardboard box in Tobi’s feeding cabinet for ease of throwing cans away. This also has Tobi’s dry food and the mini-broom for when he throws food all over the place.
Paper recycling in the cardboard box in the cabinet between the dishwasher and cooking range. Rest of the cleaning supplies are here (rags, roach spray, Mr. Clean spray, and plastic bags)

🪳 Critters

If it gets too humid or rainy outside, you may have intruders (roaches) through the dishwasher plumbing wandering into the kitchen. Tobi usually finds it first, and he will chase it all around the house. If you can corner the bugger, keep Tobi away and spray the roach with the roach-killer. Please clean up the area of any roach-killer residue with Mr. Clean and paper towels, as it’s super-toxic for Tobi!

Long-term trash management (> 1 week)

Like most NYC apartments, we have trash/recycling out front.
The first 3 hatches open into trash bins, the 4th to glass/plastic/carton recycling, 5th to paper.
The oblong hatch on the right edge is where you would tuck in flattened cardboard boxes.
You can just empty our recycling cardboard boxes and bring them back to reuse, or you can switch to using paper grocery bags for the next batch of recycling.

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