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Current trip

For this trip we have gone to the Korea for
14 days 16 hrs
. We should have vacated by
2/6/2024 12:30 PM
, so you can plan to fully settle in then. You can drop your luggage off any time prior to that.
2024-02-06, 15:00
2024-02-21, 07:00
While we are away, you can email or google-chat us at or for non time-sensitive stuff.
You can Whatsapp-call us at
Keerthik: +1 510-309-7011
Nivetha: +1 201-496-2107
...for anything urgent.
We will update this with phone numbers for essential stuff.

Tobi + key handler schedule

2024-02-06, 15:00
2024-02-21, 07:00
- Guanqing + Charles

Full travel calendar

Items tagged with [🏠] are when we are both traveling, and we will be looking for someone to stay and take care of Tobi!

Not applicable for this trip

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