Naga-kuttan abode

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💦 Revenge pee

If he gets lonely/bored/mad/threatened (which he might since we’ve abandoned him 🥲) or his litter is not cleaned in time, he may find somewhere illegal to pee. Watch out for
Any open suitcases or bags/backpacks he can climb into/onto.
Any piled clothes/fabric/down within his reach
Corners of the house where he might hide
He has never peed on the bed/in the bedroom before, and is usually good about using his litter while it’s clean, so areas of the living room is most at risk.
To avoid accidents, best to check the litter at least twice in 24 hours, 6+ hours apart, and stick to our advice in , until Tobi is familiar with you.

🪳 Critters

If it gets too humid or rainy outside, you may have intruders (roaches, on very rare occasions mice) through the dishwasher plumbing wandering into the kitchen. Tobi usually finds them first, and he will chase it all around the house. If you can corner the bugger, keep Tobi away and spray the roach with the roach-killer.
Tobi’s feeding area can attract critters because of his food spillover. If this is the issue, probably a good idea to use the mini-duster here every so often to clear the space.
Please clean up the area of any roach-killer residue with Mr. Clean and paper towels, as it’s super-toxic for Tobi!
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