Naga-kuttan abode

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When you enter the bathroom, you will be greeted by Totoro (the toilet)’s auto-open functionality.
You generally don’t need to touch Totoro with your hands, only your butt. The remote control on the wall opposite Totoro is your friend.
The top-left-most “swirl” buttons are (strong and light) flush. The top-right-most button will open or close the toilet seat.
The various “spray” buttons will wash your various nether regions. The “wind” button will air dry them when you are done washing.
The front-left-most “stop” button will stop whatever it is the toilet is doing.
To your right (when you are seated) you will find the TP rolls under the sink, should you still need it.
If you bump the remote and knock it off, it’s cool, just re-mount it. It’s sturdy. (It does cost $500 to replace though! 😶)

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