Naga-kuttan abode
Thank you for taking care of Tobi! See this doc for everything you should need to care for him.
We'll leave the house by
and leave him enough food for the next 6-8 hours. If you aren’t staying over in the , come by some time in the following 12 hours to give him his first refill/cleanup, and repeating 12-24 hours since then to give him his next maintenance till
(when we are back).
Tobi is FIV+ (cat HIV). ​He’s young and very healthy, but it is always a risk. Please do not bring him into contact with other animals or take him out of the house unless it’s an emergency.
: When he’s eating his full diet, he poops at most once, and pees several times a day. Currently, you can expect poop every other day. We have cat services come to change his litter if we are gone over a week.
: He can be a bit finicky with food, so we apologize for the complexity of these instructions. Let us know if you have questions! Note: When you leave the apartment/go to sleep, make sure there’s no exposed or claw-vulnerable human-food within Tobi’s access. Place everything in or on top of the refrigerator.
: Generally he may be shy to play with new people. Though more is great, if you can get 2-3 minutes of physical activity out of him in a day it's pretty good, but he has a tendency to hibernate when we're out of town.
Cuddles: He's super needy with us for cuddles, and he may be with you too once he realizes you're feeding him. Feel free to give him cheek scratches and boops once he stops hiding from you — with your finger at first, but eventually with your own nose if you want! We strongly recommend against touching his butt, tail, or stomach - his claws will come out in force if you do. He may come hang out on your desk if you settle down to use the , which usually means he is also open to all the pets. Watch out for him typing stuff into your keyboard. Make sure to refer to our if you are not used to interacting with cats.
Updates: We prefer daily updates if you can spare them, in picture or text form, about his a) food consumption b) poop activity (no pics needed ahem) c) being very cute in the last 24h. You can also make a Google photos album and share it with us and upload pics whenever you get the chance. We worry about him because he’s a little weirdo.
In case of any accidents that need cleaning up, cleaning spray bottle is in the cabinet between the dishwasher/stove, along with rags. Other cleaning materials are in the cabinet.
: This should hopefully not come to pass, but you never know! — there is a right around the corner on 3rd Ave. Let us know asap (call us at any hour).

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