Naga-kuttan abode

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Linen & laundry


We have put fresh sheets on the mattress.
Look in the cubbies at the foot of the bed for sheets and pillow covers in one basket if/when you want to change them. We recommend just using a flat sheet over the mattress as fitted sheets can fold up the tri-fold mattress.
You can’t control the heating in the apartment (just pre-war NYC infrastructure things...), so we have 3 blankets of different thickness on the bed/in the cubbies beside the sheets. Swap them around as you please.
If you prefer, there is a (slightly larger footprint) futon mattress rolled up in the closet closer to the door that you can use instead of the trifold.

AKA Living room

You can fold up the trifold mattress and place it vertically on the floor or use it like a “couch” and sit on the tatami underneath it.
We have a folding wooden table in the (door-side) closet, and you can use the folding chairs near the kitchen.
Just remember to brush the tatami clean in case you eat here before putting the mattress back over it.


There is no washer/dryer in unit or in building. Thankfully, there’s a reasonably priced laundromat around the corner besides the deli, open till around 11pm most days, and is very affordable. You can use the mesh hamper in the closet to take laundry there and back.
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