Stealth System

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Waypoint Actor

This has a construction script which allows you to add more or less spline points these points have an art asset and they are numbered from 1 to the final spline points
The Spline points connect to each other forming a path
You can place a spline actor and assign it into the AI actor the AI will then follow the path of the spline Points walking from point 1 to 2 to 3 and back to 1 ..etc

The Spline points will be saved into
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which it saves the number of the spline points
each point transform and movement happen on any point will trigger
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to update to the latest state.

Features :

1- Spline Points : are movable objects you can put them anywhere which has NavMesh and the AI will walk to the Area if it’s Walk-able
2- Snap to floor : snaps the Spline Points into the nearest floor so the AI is able to navigate to that area
3- Wait : Let the AI wait (amount) of seconds in that Spline Point location
4- Play Anim : Allows the AI to play specif animation
5- Play Sound : Allows the AI to play specif Sound
6- Play VFX : Allows the AI to play specif VFX
7- Customization : check on for the Customization Options

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