Coda for Research: Design, Run & Present In-Depth Studies (馃尪馃尪 Medium Kit)

Quick-Start Instructions

Learn how to use this research kit using Coda's research best practices and tips

Customize this doc for your own study.

Once you've had a chance to explore this doc and think you've got a pretty good idea how it works, clear all the sample data it came with so you can start customizing it for your own study (you can always refer to the published doc for reference). Then delete this page when you're ready to share the doc with others.
Clear sample data

Video Walkthrough

A how-to for this doc from one of Coda鈥檚 very own researchers.

Step-by-Step Instructions

馃憞 Click the 鈥鈻垛 next to each title below to expand the section.

1. Study Name & Rationale

What: Add a name for the project, the reason for studying this topic and your start date.

2. Team Roles

3. Research Goal & Hypothesis

4. Individual Research Questions

5. Personas

1. Study Methods

2. Screener Questions

3. Study Questions

4. Research Artifacts

What: A space to house prototypes, links to testing platforms, prior research and more.

1. Agenda

2. Sentiment: how do you feel about this study鈥檚 design?

3. Questions: let鈥檚 discuss

1. Prospective Participants

2. Study Invitation Language

3. Calendar Invitation Language

4. Scheduled Participants and Note-Taking

1. Insights and Notes

2. Research Answers

3. Recommendations

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