Gainsight's Product-Led Growth Strategy

Trial Experience & Growth

A guided trial allowing a potential customer to use your product without human interaction.


A guided (tech-touch/self-service) trial or freemium option that allows a potential customer to evaluate your product without human interaction, within a set timeframe, before making a buying decision.


Increase Conversions Rates
- Converting trial sign ups to active users to paid customers
Drive Adoption of Golden Features
- Build tech touch engagements to help users adopt key features and encourage conversions
Establishing a cross-functional PQL Framework
- Leverage the features/ usage, ICP, outcome as buying intent to qualify a lead


% Increase in Conversions
- All funnel progression stages, such as Sign ups to specific feature usage, to meetings taken, to paid customers.
Measure PQL Attribution
- Sign up-to-PQL Rate| PQL-to-Customer Rate| # of Opportunities created| Signup-to-Customer Rate
Usage/ Adoption Metrics
- User Retention % (Trial Period) | Golden Features Adoption Trends | Critical Path/Funnel Completion Rate | User sentiment


Choose the right model
- Trial Experience for Tech-Touch | Tech-Assisted
(see appendix for details)|
Address “zero data/empty state”
Map the ICP pain points to product experiences -
Identify relevant pain-points and deliver in-product personalized onboarding
Focus on user retention during the trial -
Identify and reduce friction points in the customer journey and use email nurturing to reactivate users
Identify your trial 3-5 Golden Features -
Drive adoption to your high-value actions (use PX Analytics, start with a hypothesis)
Build-Measure-Learn (Repeat)-
Use an iterative process to build in-product experiences and optimize based on KPIs

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