Gainsight's Product-Led Growth Strategy

Feature Activation

Educate your users on features they should leverage to achieve desired outcomes.


It is a powerful play to raise awareness and educate your end-users of value-features which they should leverage to achieve the desired outcomes. Feature activation essentially touches multiple plays across the lifecycle and should also be used in other contexts such as the Trial Experience, Customer Onboarding, Release Experience and Adoption Journey.


Increase feature discoverability/awareness
- Helping users learn about features that can solve their business problems.
- Onboard users to use high-value features
Accelerate TTV
- Increase adoption of advanced features towards outcomes
Increase Account/User Retention
- Bringing back users into the app with the healp of your sticky features and retaining the existing ones (address the leaky bucket challenge)


% Increase in Product Adoption -
% Increase in Advanced Features | % Increase in Lesser known/ used Features | DAU/WAU/ MAUs
User/ Account Retention -
Track retention of users who engage in features targeted in feature activation efforts
Feature Sentiment -
Rating Surveys | CES Surveys
Verified Outcomes -
CSAT/ Multi-Questionnaire Survey | Human-touch through
Time to Value -
Funnel Analysis | Path Analysis (# of users towards goals, time to adopt)


Identify 3-5 High Value Actions -
List your high-value or core features that drive value but are advanced or lesser used/ known (could use PX Analytics/ patterns of adoption champion, multi-step navigation areas)
Map to User Persona and Objective -
Use ICP/ user context and lifecycle stage to phase out the feature activation campaigns based on the adoption patterns
Build nurture programs -
Engage users cross-channel with contextual In-App messaging, customer webinars, best practices, etc.
Track Feature Sentiment:
Usability Surveys like CES to capture the sentiment/ Surveys to understand if the user was able to achieve their outcome/ improvement areas.
Capture Verified Outcomes:
Surveys/ human-touch to understand if the user was able to achieve their outcome. Eg: CES

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