Gainsight's Product-Led Growth Strategy

Customer Onboarding

Introduce new customers to your product and enable them to get the most value from it.


Customer onboarding refers to introducing your new customers to your products/services and everything it has to offer, as you effectively enable them to get the most value out of it.


Accelerate Time To Value
- Setting the customers up for a quick win.
Assist customers with initial set-up and guidelines
- Guiding through the correct product configuration/ setup/ architecture.
Train/Educate customers on the product -
Introducing them to all core features/ features specific to their use case.
Setting them up for success -
Understanding their goals, being prescriptive, sharing best practices,etc


Measuring TTV
- # of days from Sign-Up Date to First Value | Onboarding Goals achieved | Leading indicators of success relevant to ‘your’ product, eg: # of user licenses assigned in xx time
Measuring the efforts
- Duration spent by CSM/PS Team | Customer Effort Score | # of Support Tickets | # of people involved, etc
Usage/ Adoption Metrics
- Login activity % | User Retention % | Core Features Adoption, Trends, etc.


Define a multi-channel program and identify a model
- Leverage multiple channels (in-product and others) and identify the right onboarding model.The emerging onboarding trends are - In-App/ Self-Serve Onboarding | High-Touch Onboarding | Blended High-Tech and High-Touch (details in appendix)
Define your key High Value Actions
- List your high-value or core features that drive most value (you can use PX Analytics, start with a hypothesis)
Focus on high user retention in the first week
- Deploy In-app guides/emails to bring back your users into the app (you can use Retention Analytics)
Establish a pattern of usage and compare with the above
- Determine features/ behaviors that are factors in retaining users (Use Retention/Adoption Data)
Cap it with Post-Onboarding Feedback
- Collect In-App feedback from users to understand areas of strength/ improvement

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