Gainsight's Product-Led Growth Strategy

Customer Marketing

Leverage your product as a channel to raise awareness about your brand.


Customer Marketing
is to drive customer adoption and growth by using the product as a vehicle to deliver value. It leverages the product as a channel to raise awareness and promote high retention features, thought-leadership content/ events, such as webinars, conferences, and new content, such as blogs and white papers. This is a post-sales motion. (focus of this playbook)

There are two more branches in Marketing which are pre-sales focused:
Product Marketing:
Focused on product positioning, differentiation, pricing and packaging.
Using the product as the primary driver for customer acquisition, and expansion.


- Focussing on driving feature/ new content/ event awareness and product stickiness through a combination of in-product and other channels by delivering value.
- Using Product Usage Data + Survey responses to identify successful customers and generate customer stories, positive online reviews, and references.
Expansion/ Growth
- Running cross-sell and upsell programs. Teaming up the customer usage/ needs to the relevant product offerings (hence, creating product qualified opportunities)
Goals of Growth Team:
Driving awareness -> Demand Gen -> Signups (Free Trial Experience) -> Conversions -> Retention -> Growth
Goals of Product Marketing:
- Go-To-Market Strategy -> Product launch planning and competitive positioning, differentiation and messaging, product roadmap input, sales enablement and public-facing product content through collaterals.


Product Adoption
- % Increase in Product usage | % adoption of a new feature or sticky features | Training content consumption
Thought-leadership content Consumption
- % Increase in Content Consumption | # of event registrations / inquiries | % Increase in webinar/ events attendance | % of In-App Guides viewed/ completed
Advocacy %
- % of customer advocates/ references | % of customer stories | # of online reviews | # of customer webinars
Expansion/ Growth
- # of PQO generated for upsell and cross-sell (Product Qualified Opp)


User Nurturing
- Influence user behavior to drive outcomes through contextual in-product messaging. Eg: Feature activation play.
User enablement
– Enable end users with the relevant content. For eg: Customer Stories, case studies, best practices, thought-leadership.
Promoting customer events
- Drive event registrations through in-product messaging and reminders. For eg: Knowledge upleveling sessions, webinars, conferences, etc.
Advocacy programs –
Leverage usage data and survey sentiment to identify advocates to do in-product promotion for G2C Reviews, customer stories/ webinars, etc.
Cross-sell/ upsell opportunity -
Promote solutions/ offerings based on the product usage, persona, and business goals.

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