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Risk Management Policy


Purpose: This policy outlines the risk management framework for our organization to identify, assess, and manage risks that may impact our operations, assets, and reputation.
Scope: This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and stakeholders of the organization.
Risk Management Process:
Risk Identification: The organization will identify potential risks that may arise from internal or external sources that may impact the organization's objectives.
Risk Assessment: The identified risks will be assessed based on the likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact on the organization.
Risk Response: Based on the risk assessment, appropriate measures will be taken to mitigate, avoid, transfer, or accept the risk.
Risk Monitoring: The effectiveness of the risk management framework will be monitored, and any changes to the risk environment will be assessed and managed accordingly.
Roles and Responsibilities:
The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the risk management framework and ensuring its effectiveness.
Senior Management is responsible for implementing and maintaining the risk management framework.
All employees and stakeholders are responsible for reporting any potential risks to the organization.
Training and Communication:
All employees will receive training on the risk management framework and their roles and responsibilities in managing risks.
Regular communication will be provided to all stakeholders on the risk management framework and any changes to the risk environment.
This policy will be reviewed annually or as required to ensure its continued effectiveness and relevance to the organization's risk environment.

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Risk Management Policy
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Risk Management Policy

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