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Change Management Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for managing changes to the organization's systems and infrastructure. The policy is designed to ensure that changes are made in a controlled manner to minimize disruptions and maintain service levels.

Change Process

All changes must follow the established change process, which includes the following steps:
Request for Change (RFC): A request for change must be submitted to the Change Management team. The RFC should include a description of the change, the reason for the change, and the potential impact of the change.
Change Review: The Change Management team will review the RFC to determine the feasibility of the change and assess the potential risks and impacts.
Change Approval: If the change is approved, the Change Management team will provide authorization to proceed with the change.
Change Implementation: The change will be implemented in accordance with the approved plan.
Change Verification: The Change Management team will verify that the change has been successfully implemented and that the system is operating as expected.

Change Categories

Changes will be classified into three categories based on the level of risk and impact:
Standard Changes: Routine changes that have a low risk and impact can be approved by the Change Manager without going through the full change process.
Normal Changes: Changes that have a moderate risk and impact require approval from the Change Advisory Board (CAB).
Emergency Changes: Changes that have a high risk and impact require immediate action and can be approved by the Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB).

Change Freeze Periods

To minimize disruptions during critical business periods, change freeze periods will be implemented. During these periods, changes will not be made unless they are deemed critical and approved by the Change Manager.

Change Documentation

All changes must be documented in the Change Management system, including the RFC, approval, implementation, and verification. This documentation will be used to track changes and provide an audit trail for future reference.

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