Advance Male Customization

is super important in any Customization system and it’s the same thing in
we have many different UI Elements but in here we will break them down and go to the most important pieces

: has all the Character Presets you can select,add,remove different presets

: is the color picker you use to select a certain color, whatever there a color selection you will be using the

: This is like an inventory system you can use to pick a different pieces of cloth you can double click to customize that particular piece

: This widget allows you to customize your clothing procedurally

: This widget gives you a selection of hair Presets, and allows you to pick a style and customize that style

: This widget gives you a selection of eyes Textures, allow you to change multiple parameters on the Iris,Sclera,Pupil ..etc

: Allows you to customize Face Add makeup or morph to different heads!

: In here you can change skin color and details or remove them add effect like dirt and Morph the body

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