Advance Male Customization

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Changing Default Values


You used
and made yourself a character now you want to use that character in your own project
in the video below we go through a full tutorial migrating Customization System with ALS

Changing Base Clothing

in order to change the base cloth that the character starts with you need to head to and locate the array under Meshes in there you will see different meshes number from 0 to 9 you can head to to know each number means which part.

Changing Base Colors

if you go to and find “Saved Colors” array open that up and you will about 47 colors you can then open “SavedSlotNames” Under to see which color belong to what

Changing Base Hair Style

go to under “Meshes” number 1 is the default hair style

Changing Character Mesh

you need to re-target the entire animation blueprint of
into your own character mesh using mannequin pose or
default pose then you can head into and under mesh swap your own mesh and Re-targeted animbp into

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