Advance Male Customization

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contains all the Skeletal meshes that character can equip in
these include Main Meshes like characters and sub-meshes like clothes


ℹ️Info: AdvanceMaleCustomization/Blueprints/Datatables/DT_EquipableMeshes

Mesh : slot 0 is dedicated to the player Mesh in-case you need to assign multiple meshes and swap between them based on different conditions
Hair : slot 1 is the hair Mesh (we currently assign the hairs from the
UMG since it’s easier to do on single swap-able meshes)
Head : slot 2 is for the Head wear the first column is mostly empty indicated that if the first column assigned it means nothing is there after that we start assigning skeletal meshes
Upper : slot 3 is for the Upperbody wear
Lower : slot 4 is for the Lowerbody wear
Back : slot 5 is for the back wear like capes and ropes
Hands : slot 6 is for the hands wear
Belt : slot 7 is for the Belt wear
Foot : slot 8 is for the Foot wear
Arms : slot 9 is for the Arms wear

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