Advance Male Customization

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The is the main Blueprint Component on
it’s has all the functionality for Controls, Equip-able Meshes, Camera Logic , Clothing Masks and much more, we will explore them and provide info as we go in .


Located under :
ℹ️Info: AdvanceMaleCustomization/Blueprints/CharacterCustomization_BP


All the controls is setup in the
Control Example :

📝Note: In here we are setting the Character Rotation by “Inverting (Multiplying by -1)” the Axis Turn Input and “Multiplying by 15” then smoothing that with “FInterp To” And Feeding that into Mesh Yaw Rotation


Is Made out of Migrate Function Located Under Functions :

📝Note: What the Migrate function do is basically take all the loaded customization from the and apply them to your New-Existing Character Blueprint
ℹ️Info: Getting your Character Base Meshes & Materials and re-apply them to your New-Existing Character & Base Meshes

Base Meshes

These are the Meshes the character can equip like Pants,Shirt,Gloves ..etc
you can find these under Components :

these are used a lot throughout the
system we save their meshes type their materials and customized colors and load them based on Preset
Warning: Don't Remove any of these compoenets because they are used a lot throughout the system if you don't use any of these just hide it on the UI elements

Camera Logic

If you lookout in Event graph you will see the camera logic there
ℹ️Info: here we are setting up the Zoom In-Out you can change the Clamp Min-Max Values to add more or less zooming same them to “Adding” a number you can increase that to to speed up or lower it to slow down the zooming effect

ℹ️Info: we are setting up the middle mouse buttom (MMB) Functionality by Pressing + Dragging MMB we would pan out the camera depending on drag location

ℹ️Info: setting up the left mouse buttom (LMB) Functionality by Pressing + Dragging LMB we would move the camera depending on drag location

ℹ️Info: setting up the right mouse buttom (RMB) Functionality by Pressing + Dragging LMB we would rotate the character depending on drag location

Clothing Masks

📝Note: in order to prevent cloth clipping in
we use Clothing masks function what this function do is basically add a mask for each piece of cloth to hide the underneath skin
ℹ️Info: clothing masks location : AdvanceMaleCustomization/Character/Cloth/Textures/Masks

Character Interactions

You can interact with the character by hovering over and clicking different parts of the Character Mesh-Clothing clicking any part of the character would open you up a
Menu depending on where you clicked, under “Set Outline on Hit Target” Function you can find the logic that drives the Interaction and which UI menu would open depending on where you clicked

📝Note: What and which
menus open depending on which collision did the mouse hit while clicking the character that returns a string and depdns on the string we would decide what happens

Save-Load Presets

There is two main Custom Events for Saving & Loading, “SaveGameFile” , “LoadGameFile” each one of these will trigger a chain of functions which will do exactly that either save or load your values
ℹ️Info: you can open any of the function in the chain to have more understanding how we go about saving or loading different data, also these functions being called everytime you make a change to the character to make sure everything saved instantly

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