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Write 6x email Automated Followup sequence After leads Request your Inviting FREE PDF

This sequence is promoting 1 specific offer after the INVITING Free Resource?(Typcially knows as a Lead Magne) has been Requested, pushing leads towards purchasing or the next step in your funnel, such as a Mini-Course or Discovery Call
Always include a P.S.
Could be a summary of the email,
Mention the Call To Action Again
Possibly leave a tease for what you going to talk about in the next email, or somewhere else…
make it feel like you can’t wait to connect again

Engage leads with 6x followup emails building a sense of connection to you and the brand… sharing how they can belog, believe and become the best version of themselve. ??NOTE:?Your emails should SERVE and LEAD people… It's not about the promotion… The Call to Action is about taking the next step to work with you!



Email Funnel Sequence:

Next Step Objective:
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Secondary Action: Confirm Email Subscription via FREE Resource Link?____________________________________________________________________________

Email 1: PDF Delivery

Subject Line A: Congratulations on your first step
Body Copy:
?Hello *|FNAME|*,

Congratulations on taking the first step to creating greater work-life balance! ?This [FREE] “Boundaries” guide will help you do just that.

Click here to download the guide now.

Regardless of how busy we are, there is always some time to give to our spouse and family. The main problem is that we haven’t created healthy boundaries between work and home so work takes priority by default.

And as a result, our family suffers.

So go ahead and read through the “Boundaries” guide and follow the simple tips to gain back valuable time with your spouse and family.

Here’s to your success,

Robert and Kay Lee

P.S. When you make your spouse the priority, watch your intimacy go to another level!

Email 2: Talk about the Problem

Subject Line A: My spouse nags me
Body Copy:
?Hello *|FNAME|*,

How full is your calendar??

It seems like the badge of honor with achievers is to be “busy.”
Have you ever noticed when you ask these achievers people how they’re doing, many of them respond, “Good, been real busy man.”

If you’re like how I was several years ago, If you are like I was several years ago,
I’d fill up my calendar because if I didn’t, ?I felt like I wasn’t doing anything.
So I’d say “yes” to everything.

Before I knew it, my life was out of balance. Everything took priority except Kay Lee. Oops!!

Of course, I’d justify my schedule because …
“it’s business,”
“it’s for a good cause,”
“my pastor asked me to,”
“it’s family,”...

Are you getting it?

I made excuses for not spending quality time with my wife because something else was more important. No wonder why she would get short with me and argue a lot.

But when I created some better boundaries and started saying “no,” it was amazing how much our relationship improved. AND I was better rested and more productive in our business.

So, if you haven’t started working on that “Boundaries” guide, do so today.
Your spouse, family, and business will thank you for it.

Here’s to your success,

Robert and Kay Lee

P.S. If you haven’t done it yet, click this link and download the [FREE] “Boundaries” guide

Email 3: Share Your Founders Story

Subject Line A: The entrepreneur’s top regret
Body Copy:
?Hello *|FNAME|*,

Do you know what one of the most common entrepreneurial regrets is?
- Not spending enough quality time with their family.

We get it, business owners are driven to achieve because they want a better life for themselves and their family.

Are You Waiting To Enjoy Life?

“Once I earn that first $1 million, then I can start resting and enjoy life.”

This is the thinking of many business owners.

Unfortunately, that day never comes because the goals keep changing or they never hit that mark. So the entrepreneur continues to grind while the family takes a back seat.
When I got married to my childhood sweetheart, the one thing we were intentional about doing was taking time off and enjoying life while we were achieving professionally. I had observed a number of business owners and professionals wait til (fill in the blank) before they started enjoying life.

Unfortunately, health problems or death overcame them and derailed their plans.
That’s not what we wanted.

You May Not Get That Opportunity

While we didn’t have the disposable income in our 20’s that we have now, we did what we could to take the occasional weekends and annual vacations to enjoy life with each other.

Thank God we did because twenty years ago on her way to work, just 10 minutes from our house, she got into a horrific car accident that took her life immediately. To say my life changed in an instant is an understatement.

While I definitely went through the various stages of grief, the one thing I was thankful for was the fact that we were intentional about living life in the present and not wait til the future to build memories.

Make Memories Today

There are no do-overs in life.
Time lost is time you never get back.

So, don’t have the entrepreneur's regret.

Set some healthy boundaries between work and home so that you spend quality time with your family even while you’re achieving in business.

The memories you create today will be an investment well made.

Here’s to your success,
Robert and Kay Lee

P.S. What boundaries have you set between work and home?

Email 4: What makes you different

Subject Line A: More time, more money
Body Copy:
?Hello *|FNAME|*

Every entrepreneur wants to reach the Holy Grail of more money and freedom.
But they usually take the wrong approach of sacrificing their personal life, becoming slaves to their business.

If business isn’t where they want it, they work harder and produce little return relative to the effort put in.

And years later, they find themselves stuck in the same hamster wheel with no way to get out.

I was in that same hamster wheel when I was building our consulting business 8 years ago.
I hustled and often worked till 2am. ?
But then I had a wake-up call and thought, “why am I doing this and is this the only way to build a business?” - work hard and sacrifice family time?

So I created a simple formula (I love simple) for success that has worked for us and our clients.

Focus - Distractions = Profit

You see, the busyness of work often prevents us from doing the things that are most productive and provide the greatest returns.

So, the more you can eliminate the activities that get in the way of you and even your employees from focusing on the important stuff, the greater productivity and return you will see.

Get back to simple, and you’ll see increased profits and freedom!



Email 5: Share Some Stories

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