FUKUI Powered-Up Couples: Tandem
Movement Manifest for Robert Fukui

Checklist of tasks

The Roadmap to publishing & promoting your campaign:?Your TODO CheckList

For A Full LISTEN Launch:
Prep The Product (elements Included in the audit)
Initial Homework
Movement Manifest
Survey the email list and or social contacts (suggested)
Position For Publicity
Create Narrative from Story to Success
Movement Narrative
Practicing the narrative
Create Offer
Offer Packaging
Offer Pricing
Value Stack
Plan Your Strategy
Map Your Sales Process
Pour Your Foundation
Validate Your Positioning
Social Media Content
Share Short Stories
Purchase The Land: TECH STACK
Optional: A Targeted URL focused on the title of the free resource
Clarify the Tech Stack
URL Domain and Hosting?
Web and Funnel
Members Area
Produce Your Copy Content
LOCATE: Outreach opportunities; Email, Advertising, etc.
PreLaunch Email Series of 6-8 Emails for chiro lists (TEACH can be either 1 or 3 emails)
Write Email Sequence to share with your Chiro office List
Email 1 LOCATE: This Might Not Be For You But…
Email 2 INVITE:
Email 3 Survey:
Email 4-6 TEACH:
Email 7: EMPOWER:
Email 8 NURTURE:
6x Follow-up Emails post request for the INVITE PDF (each 2-4 days apart)
Email 1: PDF Deliver the Payload
Email 2: Problem
Email 3: Promise
Email 4: Proof
Email 5: Prompt
Email 6: Pitch
Free PDF Lead Magnet
Catchy TITLE
Landing Page Copy
Simple Inviting Copy: Headline, Subhead, 3 points and Button
Confirmation Page Copy
Sales Copy
Checkout Link CTA
Checkout Page Copy
Custom Kajabi TY PAGE? Optional
TEACH: Training you can promote
Sales Page For The course with bonuses
Sales Video outline
Sales Content
Prepare The Platform Tech
Prep Email System - Kajabi
ShortLinks such as bitly (suggested)
Funnel integrations and connections and automations
Tracking & Analytics Setup
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Linkedin Insights
Google Tag Manager
Place on Web Platforms
Prepare Your Pages
Lead Magnet Landing Page
Confirmation Page
Sales Page
Invoice / Checkout Process
Confirmation of Purchase
Onboarding Process
Publish Your Funnel
Quality Assurance TESTing …
Test Responsive/ Mobile Versions
Lead Magnet Form
Scheduling And Booking
Onboarding Automation
Promote Your Campaign
2-3 week blitz to fill your program
Send LISTEN Launch Campaign
DM people like crazy
CTA based Social Media
Direct Outreach
Post Promotion
Members/Community Conversation Area
Next Steps:
Opportunity to connect with you 1:1
Monthly Membership / community
Other ideas
Post Purchase Email Sequence
Purchase Automation
Tag (Customer: Coursename)
Purchase Should end SURVEY Sequence Promotion
Email 1: Welcome / Receipt
Email 2: Next Steps
There is an opportunity to continue building this automation in the future
Share more about the opportunity to talk with you
Share Stories About Speaking
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