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?Hello *|FNAME|*,

What aspect of your life has seen a lack of intention?

One of the things Kay Lee and I have been intentional about doing during our marriage is taking time off. We both like to travel, so that has made it easy.

Although, there have been times during busy seasons of life where we questioned if we should take a vacation that year.

Thankfully, we always did. And once we got away, we realized how much we needed it.

Life gets busy, and it only gets busier the older you get.

And as life and business get busier, it becomes easier to take things for granted and stop being intentional about date nights, vacations, quiet moments at home, and giving each other uninterrupted time.

Sad to say, it’s even hard to give our full attention to each other during the holiday season.

The one thing we’ve seen to be the hallmark for healthy marriages among busy married entrepreneurs like ourselves is being intentional.

Being intentional means scheduling things like…
Weekly meetings
Date nights
Kiddie Karpools
Quiet time
Planning for the future
Seeing Christmas lights
Decking the halls

Now it’s your turn. Sit down with your spouse and start making your relationship a priority.

Robert and Kay Lee

P.S. Feel free to respond with one thing you and your spouse are going to be more intentional about.

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