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Congratulations on taking your next steps to creating healthy boundaries between work and home. If you’re ready to begin spending more time with your spouse and family: Congratulations on taking your next steps to spend more time with enjoying your spouse and family with healthy boundaries between work and home.

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Discover how to Keep Your Priorities Balanced to??Make Your Marriage Thrive & Prosper Your BusinessBusiness Prosper

Enjoy the income and freedom you initially desired ?when you started the business!

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What if you and your spouse could IMPROVE your relationship while GROWING your business WITHOUT a POWER STRUGGLE?

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

• “You never tell me what’s going on.”

• “I’m too tired to talk about it.”

• “You never listen when I’m talking.”

• “I keep hitting the ‘fight’ button without trying.”

Has Business Become The Mistress In Your Marriage?

Sure, most people think of a mistress as "THE OTHER PERSON" who causes your loved one to come home late at night, leave on surprise business trips, or take late-night phone calls.

But in reality, the REASON your spouse CHECKS OUT emotionally and mentally is because the BUSINESS has become THE MISTRESS interfering with YOUR MARRIAGE.
With the personal and professional aspects of life WORKING in ISOLATION,
negative feelings start creeping in to cause RESENTMENT, MISUNDERSTANDING, and MUCH MORE.

No matter how much you try to separate and compartmentalize, ?it is IMPOSSIBLE not to let one impact the other.

Image to left text right
These realizations found us asking:

What if every couple created a NORMAL BALANCE between the two, so each area positively complimented the other?

What if building a HEALTHY marriage foundation IMPROVED the performance of a BUSINESS?

What if couples used a well-functioning business to STRENGTHEN their MARRIAGES?

Like a playground see-saw with a pivot point in the middle, BALANCE is the KEY. A thriving marriage on one side balances the prosperous business on the other side.

Are You Keeping Your Business & Marriage Priorities Balanced?

Let’s face it, filling up your calendar with time-consuming business stuff is EASY.

When those things SUCK UP YOUR TIME,
competing priorities for your marriage FALL BY THE WAYSIDE without trying.

If you’re still working full-time, consulting on the side, or working together with your spouse, you probably find that your FAMILY TIME DECREASES DECREASING as you:

Meet yourself coming and going. Give a passing wave to your spouse and kids.

Take care of your growing day-to-day responsibilities

You probably wear so many hats as a business owner that you find yourself working IN the business instead of ON your business.

This scenario makes it easy to do whatever you can to bring in money, even if it means you ELIMINATE family time or give them LEFTOVERS.

When life just happens, and business is your de facto priority, it is EASY to JUSTIFY success in business OVER success in marriage.
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