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Subject Line A: Wear less hats
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?Hello *|FNAME|*,

If you’re like the typical startup, you wore multiple hats as you were building the business.

[Fill in the number] years later, how many hats are you wearing now?

If the number hasn’t changed much, then you may be the limiting factor to the growth of your business.

You see, the more hats you wear, the more responsibility you bear.

And the more responsibility you bear, the greater the limitations to the business and the harder you have to work.

A great quote I use a lot from one of our clients is:

“The less I do, the more things get done.”

When she finally trusted her team to handle more than she had previously allowed, the business moved forward, she shouldered less responsibility and stress. Voila! It was like magic.

Not really. It was simply trusting others to do the work they were capable of doing.

As you move your attention to 2023, what are some business activities you’re holding on to that you should let go of?

Once you do, you’ll find it’s a game changer for your business and work-life balance.

Robert and Kay Lee

P.S. Be intentional about doing this exercise. It’s a game changer

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