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Whenever business isn’t going so well, do you get tempted to “subscribe” to the next latest and greatest marketing/sales technique? Do you hope this new product line or blowout sale is going to be the answer?

Me too. I admit to getting caught up in the shiny object to boost sales.

But the reality is that for most situations, it’s a series of little changes in your business that will lead to the big results you are looking for.

Changes like increasing email open rates, increasing prices, writing better sales copy, following up on customer service issues within 24 hours, or increasing customer retention rates.

These are examples of relatively easy things to fix or improve your business in 2023. Many times these issues get overlooked because it’s too boring and not a sexy aspect of marketing.

But they get results.

One of the biggest turnarounds we saw in a client (overcoming 7-digit profit losses to getting in the black) was based on focusing on these types of boring metrics.

Your business may not be in that desperate situation (thankfully), but it can still benefit from paying attention to the many tiny details that will improve your business.

Robert and Kay Lee

P.S. Before the next email, think about some business duties you wish you could stop doing

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