FUKUI Powered-Up Couples: Tandem
Movement Manifest for Robert Fukui

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Movement Narrative:

Robert & Kay Lee have a thriving marriage and prosperous business because we learned the hard way how to balance marriage and business needs.?They’ve discovered 8 steps to thriving.
You're burning out your marriage because you don’t have Boundaries… Don’t let your business become your mistress.?Guard your marriage from your business getting out of bounds??Is Your business your mistress?
Robert’s story about starting, ?Kay Lee’s story about her childhood (My parents business killed my mom :( ) ?We didn’t want to repeat what happened in Kay Lee childhood! So one of the first steps we took was to create boundaries so Robert would be present again… Take our Boundaries worksheet to get on the same page… where work belongs… AND DOESN'T BELONG!
There’s saying we’re not on the same page,?And actually getting on the same page! The art of balancing marriage and business takes coming together!??Creating boundaries is just step 2 on the 8 steps journey to balancing marriage and business life.? Take a journey with Robert & Kay Lee to thrive in marriage and prosper in business.??One of the first things you need to do is get help with operations… to focus more on being the business owner. ??The challenge is the cash flow… in order 2 increase help you take the next step i’m including ?Pricing so you can charge the right rates to afford help with operations??And i’m including Marketing made simple… ?… Client flow is cash flow… You must master marketing and sales to keep new clients and customers coming through your doors
Taking these 8 steps isn’t a one and done… we all need a tribe of like minded passionate individuals who want to make an impact. ?Belong to our community of marriage entrepreneurial business partners and take the Tandem journey with champions arounds you cheering you on and holding you accountable to your business goals… and marriage life!
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LISTEN Launch Narrative Summary
LOCATE: TOFU - Tell Stories
Your business will either suffer, or thrive based on your relationship with your spouse
Lack of boundaries
Robert Was Working Till 3 am
Emotionally/ Mentally not present with family/spouse on dates, during meals, on the weekends, during vacations etc.
Wreaked havoc on Kay Lee’s childhood as a lack of boundaries by my father lead to infidelity… VOMIT Face at the thought of that family business. LEGACY Destroyed… (
Headline Idea: The family eventually business killed my mom ;(
As a power couple, we (Robert and Kay Lee) are having a powerful impact…
That's because we’ve realized that it starts with me as an individual and then deciding together the boundaries we’ll set up to stay powerful
Power Couples make more $$$ because they have more Impact
INVITE: MOFU - Share Secrets
The Secret is to Setup specific Boundaries
Provide several ideas to simple boundaries that can facilitate connecting and getting on the same page as a couple
Fill out the boundaries worksheet
SURVEY: MOFU - Segment Struggles
Ask questions in email followup
Is your business your mistress
Couple’s assessment
How would you rate your ability to take time off? (scale of 1-4)
Are you and your spouse on the same page in life and business? (scale of 1-4)
When business profits are down, what is your primary response?
Rate your ability to have regular date nights. (scale of 1-4)
When you're home (or supposedly off the clock) from business, rate your ability to be present with your spouse and family. (scale of 1-4)
What percentage of your time do you feel is dedicated to activities that lead to business growth?
The choice between tending to a customer request or being on time for dinner (or other family priorities)
Opt In Enter your email to see how you rate and get some practical tips on ways to improve!
Plus get our FREE "8 Steps to a Thriving Marriage and Prosperous Business" guide
TEACH: MOFU - Sell Solutions
Confirmation Sales Page
Mirroring VSL sales page with
Bonus courses
EMPOWER: BOFU - Promote Product
Simple Checkout
Optional Abandoned Cart Email
Optional Retargeting Ads
NURTURE: BOFU - Foster Community
This is where you foster and cultivate a sense of belonging to a community or tribe after Purchasing. This is the place to starting LISTENing All over again setting the stage to reach your long-term goals through your business.

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