Interactive Guide to Your First 1000 Users
2. Feasibility Analysis

Customer Validation

Even before launching your product, being able to build community/waitlist/pre-sales/other can be the ultimate customer validation to give you the confidence that you should go ahead with building your MVP. You don’t have to nail each method on the head, but the more that are able to be incorporated, the more positive feedback loops of growth can be created to drive traction even before you write a single line of code!
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Building Community Around Your Product
Check out this article from Tom Bangay, Director of Content at
to start
Reddit 🤖
*Tips from (co-founder of )
Use your personal account
Ask to join the relevant subreddits
As soon as you are in…reach out to the moderates (despite popular belief…they’re nice people)
Show them your product and ask for the blessing
Tell them *exactly* what you are gonna say, workshop your message with them to make sure you are not breaking any community rules
Shoot your shot, and DM them your post along with a thank you note.
Twitter 🐦
“Building in Public” + Value + Consistency = Twitter following for your product
Some great founders/indie hackers who are experts in building in public on Twitter
📋 Waitlist
Building a waitlist is extremely low effort, high reward. Coding your own waitlist landing page is simple enough, but you can even use no-code waitlist builders such as that also integrates an awesome referral incentive program too!
Take a page out of Robinhood’s playbook that has built them to the behemoth they are today. The screenshots below are from Robinhood’s earliest days where they accumulated “1M users” even before they wrote a single line of code for the platform due to a viral referral program + very simple yet enticing waitlist signup page. The pre-launch game can position your product to explode upon actual launch!
🛒 Pre-Sales
Read by Justin Mares who bought a domain + $50 Bing ads + allowed people to purchase a product that did not exist yet = unexpected pre-sales.
🪄 Other Methods
YC’s Hacker News
Slack communities
FB Groups
Social Media pages (IG, TikTok, etc.)
After validating your product idea by building traction via a community/waitlist/pre-sales/other, you’re ready to go on to
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