Interactive Guide to Your First 1000 Users

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3. Building MVP

You don’t write the final draft of an essay in the first sitting. You start off with a super shitty first draft and you constantly revise upon it with multiple drafts.
First, watch this 👇🏼
YC Startup School video on building MVPs
Key Takeaways:
Build and launch quickly. Better to test bad products quick and iterate rapidly and test again
Get initial customers(should have a base of initial testers ready from customer validation)
Talk to users and get feedback

Then, plan your spec (the list of stuff you need to build before launch) here:

Now’s time for the fun part of actually building the product itself. Whether you are technical or not, there are more tools than ever before to help you rapidly build and iterate upon an MVP on top of coding it yourself.
Here are some great tools to look into to start building.

👨🏻‍💻 Coding it Yourself

Use your technical chops to hack something together!

📲 No-code/Low-code


🤝 Hiring Someone Else

Finding Technical Co-founder
There are practically endless ways of developing your MVP, but the most important thing is to stay lean and not to take up too many costs to build it. Understand the trade-offs of each method, especially if you decide to find a technical co-founder. Make sure they are highly trusted and amazing to work with. Having co-founders is synonymous to having a significant other — it can get very messy if things don’t work out.

After you finish building your MVP, get ready to test it to your initial user base of testers in

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