Interactive Guide to Your First 1000 Users


Hopefully after going through this guide, you were able to:
Decide on a great problem space in
which you then validated after performing
then you rapidly built your MVP in
and iterated on feedback during
You repeated this process over and over again until you felt PMF and hard launched for the
A closing note: I hope this guide provided value to any founder or aspiring founder building amazing digital products. This guide is by no means exhaustive, however, I tried to provide steps that could be applied to most if not all types of digital products in terms of going 0-1. There is so much more that goes into each step that all of you will figure out for yourselves via the plethora of other resources out there for building products and most importantly, failing fast while actually building your product.
If you have any feedback on this guide, please send any and all feedback to or . This guide is my own MVP, and I need your help to rapidly iterate on it! I will constantly be updating this guide to make usability and integrated tools even more effective for the public to use.
👋🏼 Also feel free to hit me up to chat about anything you’re building! I am always looking to talk to more founders/creators/indie hackers and help each other grow together both as builders and good humans.
Here are some other excellent resources to help you on your journey:
Founder Library by (Literally has every resource for founder knowledge and tools)

YC Youtube Channel
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