Interactive Guide to Your First 1000 Users

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2. Feasibility Analysis

To pivot, or not to pivot, that is the question — Shakespeare??
Source: Cartoons by Tom Fishburne from Giff Constable’s amazing book (~40 min read)
Great! You just completed the ideation phase. Now it’s time to go out and talk to people to figure out if your problem is painful enough for enough people. Feasibility Analysis is crucial to identify if there is an opportunity for you to build a product to serve as a solution to this problem.

An Even Deeper Dive into the Problem

🕵🏻‍♂️ Customer Discovery will focus on conducting up to hundreds of interviews (1-on-1 calls and surveys)

✅ Customer Validation will focus on building pre-launch growth hack strategies that will serve as further evidence that people want your product

You want to start with Customer Discovery first to validate the problem and ideate a solution to create your product. Then you want to test your product idea via Customer Validation. However, you will find yourself performing methods from both constantly. Being proactive in doing both will create positive feedback loops in developing the product as well as an initial user base. Feasibility Analysis is more of an art to creatively source methods to validate your problem and customer base.

💭 Keep in Mind

Customer Discovery + Validation will take much longer than other stages. Be patient and love the process of learning from people as well as building community around your product.
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