Interactive Guide to Your First 1000 Users
1. Ideation

Brainstorming Problems Exercise

🔭 Observe what problems people are facing that are intensely painful. Dig through your personal experiences or find trends among friends/family or online communities. Scrape through and exhaust multiple sources. Remember to only think about problems, not the solutions yet.
You can gauge this by seeing how actively they are trying to solve this problem in terms of:
How much $ are they currently spending
How much time are they currently spending

Some additional inspiration from the 🐐: by Paul Graham
Fill out the table below to compare the quality and opportunities of different problem spaces you’re exploring👇🏼
Top Problems
Problem Thesis
$ Pain Level
Time Pain Level
Difficulty in Solving
How Actively Are They Trying to Solve?
Target User(s)
Example: interviewing customers is difficult to find + the process takes up too much time
Founders, Startups, Customer Success Teams
Problem is present for pretty much all startup founders who are looking to talk to customers for either customer discovery or feedback
There are no rows in this table
Click to add new problem 👉🏼
Add New Problem
⏳ This process should take some time to do some initial research on various problems spaces that you’re interested in pursuing to build a product for.
✅ Once you have the table filled out, play around with the table’s ‘Sort’ features where you can surface problems that are the most painful by category.

⚖️ Compare the different opportunities and make your best judgement into which problem you feel most convicted to pursue.
After this exercise, the problem I want to perform a deep-dive into is:
Enter your chosen problem:
Awesome! You’ve identified
[ ]
as the problem you want to pursue (for now) 👇🏼
The next step is to validate whether this pain point is strong/focused/widely felt enough during and .

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