Understanding Singular

Why you should mint on Singular

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With NFTs on a meteoric rise, there’s never been a better time to be a crypto artist. The most difficult thing for any crypto artist is deciding which platform(s) to mint their magnificent works on. This article explains why is one of (if not) the best minting destination for forward-thinking crypto artists. This is because the RMRK NFT standard is the most advanced NFT standard, unlocking an explosion of use cases for NFTs. Below are 5 reasons why is perfect for you.

1. Mint NFTs with low fees

Thanks to Kusama’s architecture, minting an NFT on Singular costs only 2 cents. To help artists get started with minting, we are offering 500 free mints to qualified artists. If you want to try the platform, please apply using . Because we view Singular as a home for terrific, advanced art, the only criteria is that we are impressed by your artistry.

2. Mint upgradeable NFTs (nested NFTs + conditional rendering)

With this feature, you can create NFTs that own other NFTs. One way this can be utilized is to have a that has two accessories (hat and cape) in the form of child NFTs. Thus, the bird NFT will have 4 different viewing possibilities. Which image to show will depend on the number of child NFTs equipped.
Possibility 1 - Bird
Possibility 2 - Bird + Hat
Possibility 3 - Bird + Cape
Possibility 4 - Bird + Hat + Cape
When the NFT owner equips the Hat child NFT on-chain, the bird NFT will change to possibility 2. This is called conditional rendering and every NFT minted on Singular can utilize this feature. As the artist, you would have the opportunity to grow revenue by creating newer versions of old works by using equippable child NFTs.
For example, backgrounds can now be designed and sold as add-ons to old works. A traditional mode of release would be an add-on child NFT plus a new resource which is the blend of the new child NFT (background or accessory) and the old NFT.

3. Mint smart NFTs with multi-resource capability (JPG, MP4, PDF, MP3, 3D, etc.)

NFTs should be smart, knowing how to present themselves depending on where they are called up. For example, on a viewing platform like Singular, you expect to see a high definition 2D version of your NFT. But this doesn’t mean that your NFT can only be in 2D.
An NFT of a 3D model can have a resource that is a 3D model file, a resource that is a high resolution image, and a resource that is a thumbnail image. Depending on the context it is being loaded into, a different resource will be loaded. With the RMRK plugin, a 3D tool like Sketchup or 3DS Max can load the 3D file directly, listing on Singular can show the high res image in single-item view, and on the search results page the thumbnail can automatically be shown.
To take it further, an audio NFT can have a PDF resource attached to it. This PDF can represent the lyrics or a note from the music artist.

4. Use emote functionality for price discovery

On singular, NFTs can receive emojis. Because there is a small cost attached to sending emojis, each emote is valuable. This helps with price discovery as the number of emotes gathered by an NFT will reflect its popularity with people, thus informing your valuation of NFTs.

5. Mint multi-chain compatible NFTs

All NFTs minted on Singular can be teleported to any Substrate-based chain in the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems (with the condition that the chain has implemented RMRK’s standard.) Already, , , , , , , and have pledged (via partnerships) to be RMRK compatible. That means that your NFT can teleport from Kusama to Acala to gain DeFi capability, then to Bit.Country to have fun or attend a meeting in the metaverse. With 100 parachains planned for Polkadot and Kusama within the next five years, endless possibilities abound for all Singular-minted NFTs.

Conclusion — become a pioneer

Thanks to RMRK functionality, Singular is not just another NFT minting platform. It is at the bleeding edge in NFT technology, and minting your art (music, 3D sketch, VR experience, etc.) there makes you a pioneer at the forefront of the NFT revolution. What could be better than that? Go to to get started, or to get your first 500 mint transactions sponsored by RMRK!
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