The Hou-ou Festival

Hailed as the birth of Kanaria, the festival began on June 1st and went on for 30 days. During this festival, 3 distinct events were happening:

1. Egg burnings

For the Kanaria birds to hatch, the unclaimed eggs had to be sacrificed. If all eggs were claimed, then there would be no need for burning. But life isn’t always good. Thus, the eggs who couldn’t call to any believer to claim them were sent into the lost burning flames of Hou-ou. This was both a thing of sorrow and joy for without the burnings, we wouldn’t have gotten the hatchings.
the hou-ou Festival.png

2. Bird hatchings

All eggs that had been claimed started hatching. This was the most exciting part of the festival because no one knew what their Kanaria would look like. This was made doubly intriguing by the fact that the emotes sent to an egg had a probability of influencing the look of the bird that hatched out of it. And when it came to appearance, many features were influencable.
Mood: Face emojis (smiling 🙂, laughing 😆, sad 😟, crying 😭, sleepy 😪) influenced the bird’s facial looks.
Mutagens: Emojis of other animals, plants, and natural elements influence the bird’s body, eyes, beak/mouth (tree-bark-skin 🌴, with cat tail 🐱, fish head 🐟, fire feathers 🔥) also influenced the bird’s.
Accessories: Emojis of things and food influenced what the bird was going to hold (eating avocado 🥑, holding axe 🪓, surfboard in foreground 🏄‍♀️, snow boots ❄+🥾, target as decal sticker on wings 🎯, really nice hairdo as headwear 💈, hardhat as headwear 👷‍, blue necklace 📿+🟦, robot wings 🤖). This was added to the Kanaria NFT as a child NFT.
Background: Emojis of the environment or certain activities influenced the background the bird was in (mountains on the background 🏔, on the beach 🏖, in a temple 🧘, in a dojo 🎌🧘‍♂️).

3. Gem reveals

Also as exciting as the bird hatchings were the gem reveals. With more than 4 gems available and more to be added as time goes on, many bird holders were eager to know what gems their Kanarias would possess. Some gems include:
The Bragi gem which allows you to upload custom artwork to your bird. Since all RMRK NFTs are multi-resource, they can have different outputs. For example, if you check , you will notice it looks different. This is because it has three different resources: a beautiful cyberpunk illustration by Paola Tuazon, a movie of a statuette, and the rendered SVG bird.
The Odal gem which allows the owner to apply a name to their bird. This can be re-applied if the owner obtains another Odal later on, allowing for name changes. A named bird will no longer be called "Bird 0031", but something the gem's user chooses, like "Mr. Featherfluff" or, if you got a sponsorship deal, "Coca Cola bird".
The Kokopelli gem which gives early-access to private sales (if any) of upcoming projects launching on or with RMRK.
The Daikoku / Daikokuchan / Daikokuchanchan gems which remove commissions from Singular forever or for a time period.
The Caishen gem which completely frees the owner account from paying a hosting fee for their NFTs.
The Caerus Prime / Caerus 2 / Caerus 3 gems which give access to Lootboxes. Lootboxes are sets of random standalone NFTs compatible with Kanaria. This means you can get gems, equippables, and even fungible tokens randomly in a lootbox of a certain type.
Not all birds came with all their gem slots filled with gems.

4. Egg saving

In a last ditch attempt to save as many eggs as possible, the RMRK team initiate an egg saving contest where the community was encouraged to save as many eggs as possible. The top saviours were rewarded with NFTs.
All in all, it was a fantastic festival which ended up breaking Kusama twice!! We still feel pretty damn proud about that.
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