Understanding Singular

What is the difference between Singular and Kanaria?

diff between singular and kanaria.png

Singular is an NFT marketplace built by the RMRK team to allow artists and collectors trade NFTs.

Kanaria is an advanced NFT project also built by the RMRK team. It was originally created as a means to display the full power of the RMRK 2.0 NFT protocol that allows NFTs to:
Own other NFTs
Have multiple resources
Receive emojis (emotes) on-chain
Change based on conditions
Thus, in Kanaria there are birds who can own items (including backgrounds, headwear, handheld pieces, and more). It has a dedicated website and its own marketplace where users can trade NFTs.
As an artist who wants to sell your creations as NFTs, your only concern is with Singular. But if you find the idea of Kanaria fun, then you are free to join in.

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