Creating, Selling, Listing, and Gifting NFTs

How to list, burn, and gift multiple NFTs in one transaction–batch operations

Step 1

Go to Your Space on Singular.

Step 2

Hover your cursor over an NFT and select the checkbox that appears on the top right. Now all the NFTs on that page will have boxes on the top right you can click to select them.
Alternatively, you can click the Select button on the task bar and all NFTs on that page will be selected.

Step 3

Once you’ve selected all the NFTs you want to list, destroy, or gift, you select the correct action (List for sale, Gift, Destroy) from the task bar.
If you selected Gift, you will be prompted to enter the KSM address of the recipient. You can copy and paste the address or use the QR scanner.
If you selected Destroy, you will be asked to confirm your decision.
If you selected List for sale, you will be prompted to enter your price. Note that you can only enter one price for all the NFTs in a batch. As in, whatever price you set will be the cost of each NFT in that batch.
When you’re done, click List for sale.

Step 4

Sign the transaction in the Polkadot.js extension.
Voila! You’ve performed a batch transaction 👏🏾
If you get stuck and need help, don’t worry, come join us in our social channels to ask for support– or .
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