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Understanding and Managing Identity

What is the means of identification?

Unless you set an on-chain identity, your only means of identification on Singular will be your public key (the string of letters and numbers created by your wallet).

What is on-chain identity?

This is an identity that you create which lives on the blockchain. It’s really just a way of identifying an account beyond the public key. Some people use their real names and others don’t. Setting an on-chain identity allows you to link your wallet to your social media profiles, website, and email.

Why create an on-chain identity?

The main reasons for setting your on-chain identity are:
Without an on-chain identity, your collections will not be verified.
It instills trust between you and your collectors. No one wants to buy from someone they don’t know or can’t reach out to (in case of future problems).

How to create an on-chain identity?

To learn how to set your on-chain identity, please read in the Polkadot Wiki.
Note that setting an email in your identity might cause some predatory “identity registrars” to notice you and send you an email asking you to pay to “verify”. RMRK will never email you about your identity, and so this email can be ignored.
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